Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Work In Progress

I'am working on several pieces. One is "Christmas" Tree by MDesigns. Me and my mom are working on the same project but in different colors I am doing it on white linen with red glitter thread (Yuck) and she is doing it on white linen with green nordic glitter thread. We are only going to stitch this piece when we are together.

The second piece I am working on is by Bent Creek. It is a new piece called Snapperbets. It comes out on seperate charts every couple months. So far I only have the first chart that has the border and a couple letters of the alphabet on it, and the second chart with the next three letters. I really like this pattern and it only took me a couple days to get this far on it. The bad part is that I get to start a new project soon because I won't be able to go any farther. Don't get me wrong I love to start new projects but I hate to have too many projects started. I like to finish what I start before moving on. I'm sure that will change as I keep stitching. I will post a picture of what I decide to start tomorrow.



Coni said...

Woo Hoo, Candi! Look at you go! But I have to ask....are you NUTS with that red Kreinik on linen yet? Man, you're a much braver stitcher than I. FABulous blog and stitching! I have Snapperland in my basket for 2009 and can't wait to get started on it! Welcome to Stitchy BloggerVille! Thanks for coming to see me! Oh, an PS...there's worse things in life to get addicted to than stitching, so don't you feel one but bad about it! Just enjoy and keep doing that beautiful work! (Could I have USED more !!!!?)

Coni said...

I suppose I should have taken my contact out AFTER I wrote that last comment. Sorry for the typos!

karen said...

Great stitching Candi! welcome to the bloggy world of stitching! And, yes, are you crazy using all kreinik on the christmas tree?! I wouldn't have the patience! you go girl!

And don't worry about having too many projects at once! I am a "serial starter" and getting worse. LOL