Sunday, December 30, 2012

Many Stitchy Resolutions

First, I promised to share Shepherd's Bush Red Snowman. This was a gift for Christmas and I absolutely love it. My goal is to complete all of the colored snowman. I want to have one room designated to snowmen all year around. Thank you Sally!

I have also made some great progress on Quaker Diamonds.

I don't know what has got into me. Before Christmas I couldn't seem to stitch for more than a half hour, if that. I think I was so overwhelmed that I had to have something complete in a certain amount of time. But now I am out of my slump and well on my way to completing some of these WIP.... and starrting new ones :)
So I have made many stichy New Years resolutions.
  1. (most important!) Make sure to cut all loose threads before they are sent to the framer.
  2. Complete Quaker Diamonds
  3. Complete at least 3 colored snowmen
  4. To finish smaller projects and not put them away
  5. To have ABC Sampler over half done

I feel that these are realistic goals.
Have a great New Year's everyone!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Final finish for 2012

So far I am having a great Christmas vacation. I want to share a finish that I completed about a week ago. This will be my last finish for the year. This is Lizzie Kate Boo flip-its. I think this turned out wonderful. I love all the colors and my favorite part is the buttons as eyes.

Here is what I am working on now. This is Rosewood Manor, Quaker Diamonds.

I took these pictures with my phone before I go my amazing new camera for Christmas. I got an olympus waterproof/shock proof camera. It is amazing and I can't wait to use it on my vacation starting next week. With that being said, I must tell about a present that I recieved for Christmas. I recieved a beautiful Shepherds Bush piece that I will share next time. I must take a picture of it with my new camera!
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and may you all have a happy New Year!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Take 3!

I have tried to write this post 3 times now and for some reason when I add a picture my whole post is deleted except for the pictures! Grrrr.... Well here goes again!
As some of you may know, I teach 5th grade. For the past couple weeks we have been using our class blog and a program called twiducate. My students are now obsessed with blogging and tweeting. it has made me miss my blog, I feel that I have been neglecting it. Anyway... enough of me pouting.
These first two pictures are both Shepherds Bush. The first one is called Cherry Heart, I was my mom's secret Santa and this was her gift. The next was for Sally. I don't have pictures of the pieces after they were framed because they went straight from the framer to our annual Stitch and Bitch Christmas Dinner. 

My secret Santa was Jackie and here is what she made me. It is beautiful! Thank you again!

Next I have Casting a Spell by Blackbird designs. I found the box at Hobby Lobby and painted it black. 

Below is a picture of the finished pieces that I have by Jackie Du Plessis, this was a class that I took in August. There are quite a few more pieces but they are not complete yet.

And last but not least this is what I am working on now, this is an older work in progress that I pulled out. I have told myself that I'm not aloud to work on anything else until this is complete. Which will be soon because I have got back in a groove where once I sit down the stitching is plastered to my hand.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Show and Tell

This piece is called My Darning Basket by Jackie Du Plessis. This design was for a class that I had last year. It is almost done, the only thing I have to do now is outline another piece the same way to connect them for the basket. I'm completing this piece because next weekend is my other class piece class with Jackie Du Plessis and I was going to ask for a few pointers.

My class piece for next weekend is almost complete but I still have a few more things. Hopefully I will have time this week to complete them. I will post pictures if the piece is done and I have time before the class. If not I will definitely post pictures after the class next weekend.
Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Class Pieces Galore!

I have received good news about the Berlin Woolwork Sampler. From my understanding the designer of this project retired but has given permission for another company to distribute the patterns again. I want to thank Paola and Juels for giving me some options for where to find the patterns and I found what I was looking for at Attic Needlework so thank you!
I also have completed 3 pieces of my Jackie Du Plessis class at Salty Yarns in August. One other is in the works and one I haven't started yet because I need to look more into the directions. Then I will be ready!

My class piece (above) has inspired me to pull out another design by Jackie Due Plessis which was actually a class piece but not a pre stitch. So I started stitching on this design and have only been working on it for about 2 days off and on and I feel that I have made great progress this piece is really fun to stitch. It eventually will turn into a basket when complete.

I have to work tonight so I'm off to stitch for a bit before I have to leave.
Have a great Saturday everyone!

Monday, July 9, 2012


First I will explain my title. I recently seen The Berlin Woolwork Sampler completed. It was absolutely beautiful! If my memory serves me correctly Paola completed it on 45 count. So I decided that I want to stitch it as well, thank you Paola for the show and tell. The pattern is no longer being printed. So I bought the four parts that Salty Yarns had and 3 parts online but I'm missing two parts, part 6 and 8. If anyone knows where I can purchase them please let me know. I will say that I can find part 6 easily but part 8 is nowhere to be found. Please Help!

On to some stitching updates. Here is a picture of one of Jackie Du Plessis's August class, at Salty Yarns, pieces. The piece still has another line of words to complete the saying.

Working on Jackie's Class piece inspired me to pull out another class piece that I went to. It wasn't a pre stitched piece so I just started it yesterday. It is going quickly.

Now I'm going back to google to try to find part 8 of The Berlin Woolwork Sampler. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stitch Day

First I would like to say, it is officially summer time and I am off! I still have to work at the restaurant but at least I have my days free to cross stitch and go to the beach. Today is a cross stitch day!
I have a lot to show...
First up is Hands to work, Hearts to god by Jackie Du Plessis. This is my class piece (2 pictures) I got permission! :) There are three more pieces to come, two are in the workings.

Next up is Beauty is in the Eye of the Bee Holder. This piece is finished but I'm waiting on the bee buttons and then it is off to the framer!
 Last is my start which is Casting a Spell by Blackbird designs.
Now I'm off to work on Casting a spell for a while.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Start

Well... I have tried to hold out on posting until I received an e-mail saying yay, or nay on posting my class piece but still no word. I'm going to send another e-mail soon!
But I have pictures of a new piece that I started! Here is Beauty is in the eye of the beeholder by Keeping you in stitches.

This piece was supposed to be stitched on 18 count but I decided on a 32 count. I should have it done soon. Then I'm going to either start on, a la belle etoile by Tralala Collection or Casting a spell sewing box by Blackbird designs. Not sure which one yet they both look like a lot of fun.

Which one does everyone think I should start?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cupcake Monday!

Hello all and happy Monday! I haven't heard back from the designer whether I can post pictures of my class piece or not. So I wanted to stop by and post pictures of some of my cupcakes. The first picture is vanilla cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting. The second is of chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and banana cream filled cupcakes with a homemade whipped cream topping. Everything was made from scratch! 
I also made blueberry pancake cupcakes with maple buttercream, the third picture. These were by far my favorite. They were absolutely amazing! They went so fast that I'm surprised I actually got a picture before they were gone!

Well that's all I have for now hopefully I will get an e-mail soon so I can post my pictures of my class piece. I have 2 pieces done so far!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A surprise and a finish!

I finished Shepherd's Bush, Wave. I believe I will get it to the framers next week I already have the matting! I'm excited.

Tuesday was our monthly meeting of Stitch and Bitch. I was very surprised when I walked in and everyone yelled surprise. I was in shock! I walked in on my bridal shower. I want to thank everyone for everything, it was great!
On Tuesday I also picked up my Jackie Du Plessis class piece to pre stitch. I worked on it yesterday and today and I have already finished one piece and I have made some good progress on the second. I sent out an e-mail yesterday asking for permission to post pictures on my blog, so I will post them when/if I am granted permission.
Tata for now,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm back, and it's Spring Break!

I'm back from my vacation and our honeymoon. I was gone for so long that I was ready to come back and now I'm wondering why! I came back and had to work for a week and a half and today starts spring break!! I'm so happy. I only worked for a week and a half and it seemed like a month.

I said that I was going to stitch a lot while I was gone but things don't end up how planned. I did get some of Shepherd's Bush, Wave done. It isn't much but I plan to work on this over spring break.

I also plan on working on Shepherd's Bush, Blue Snowman.

 I need to finish some things because I went to Salty Yarns this Sunday and signed up for a Jackie du Plessis weekend. It is a pre-stitch class so I need to clear out my bag. This piece is amazing. I added a link to everyone who would like to see the class details.
Also, thank you to everyone who left me great comments about my wedding!
Tata for now I'm going to stitch!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A finish and a name change

I woke up this morning at about 5:30 because it was pouring so hard that I thought someone was banging on the window. I was very excited that I had an hour more to sleep. Next time I woke up it I looked at the clock and about fell out of bed! I forgot to set my alarm! What was I thinking??? Oh... I know... I was thinking that my vacation had started.
I get married on Monday in Miami. I'm going on two cruises and I'm planning on relaxing and stitching by the pool. So hopefully when I get back in two weeks I will have plenty of progress to show.
Here are a couple things I plan on working on. First, I'm bringing Lizzie Kate's Summer Alphabet (because it is going to feel like summer!) Next I'm going to bring Shepherd's Bush, Wave. I feel like I should be able to finish one and make a good amount of progress on the other. Maybe I will pick something else out to bring as well. :)
I finished one of Candy Corn Crazy Halloween ornaments. I am planning on finishing more before I put them together.
Next time I post I will be married, tanner, and have a lot of pictures to show!
Tata... Bring on the warm weather!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday??

Hello all! Happy Monday! I kept thinking to myself.. What day is if?? GRRRR... it's Monday! I'm so glad that it is nearly over. I hope everyone had a great start to their week. I know I didn't but I wish happiness to everyone else.
Lets skip the unhappiness on my part... Here is a little something I started working on last night. It is by Sue Hillis designs called Candy Corn Crazy Volume 1. I have a dowel tree that I would love to put these on this Halloween.
I'm off to work on Drawn Thread ABC Sampler Part 2.
Tata... I hope that everyone has a great rest of the week. (p.s if you didn't read the last post please do to see if you can help out with IPAD pictures, thank you!)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Shwooo... Hard work

I was sick; home in bed (mostly) for two days. I can't tell you the last time I was sick like that! Well all I could think about when I finally made it to the couch from bed was that I miss blogging and looking at everyones lovely things. So I tried to think of ways to make blogging quicker and easier for me, then I had an AaaHA moment... I will use my IPAD! What a great idea right? So I got my handy dandy IPAD out and snapped pictures faster than lightning then realized... How in the world do I get them from my ipad to my post window. I had to give up after staring at the ipad for a half hour and emailed the pictures to myself then grabbed the laptop. If anyone knows how to make pictures transfer from my ipad to my post window please HELP!
Here are some things that I received for Christmas. The first 3 pictures are a gift from my mother. It is just beautiful! Thanks Mom!

These next two pictures is a gift from Sara who was my secret santa (or vice versa??) I actually seen one of these done before I received this gift and almost drooled all over it. Thank you Sara! I promise I won't drool on it.

And if you haven't realized it yet, I am a teacher. The picture below is a gift from Sally which I greatly appreciate. It will be a keepsake for years and years... It has the date on which I started teaching and the place. Even though sometimes work is tough I always remember that teaching has been my dream and passion. This gift helps me remember that. Thank you very much Sally!
In the midst of taking these pictures as fast as lightning, silly me forgot to take pictures of what I'm working on. Until next time... or until someone leaves me a message on how to send pictures from my ipad to the post window.