Monday, October 30, 2017


I am making some progress on the Linen and Lace design. So this is supposed to be the outside of the case but I do believe I am going to make it the inside. Where the 3 lines are on the right in the bottom heart is going to have a slit when it is put together. It is going to form a pocket that fits a pair of scissors. On the opposite side of the heart there is going to be a piece of felt to hold needles.
I am also working on several designs for Christmas gifts so I will not be able to post those until after they are gifted!
This past weekend I went to a Halloween get together to stitch. I worked on a Lauren Sauer Sampler. I will be posting progress in a future post.
Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Getting things done!

Tuesday I went to Stitch and Bitch at Salty Yarns to stitch with our stitchy group. I completed stitching Witches Harvest by Milady's Needle. This piece was the missing piece from the last post. It was one of the class pieces from this years Jamboree. I finished putting it together this evening. Now I have completed 2 out of 3 class pieces from Jamboree! Whoopee... Hopefully I will finish the gold work piece within the next few weeks.

Last night I started a new piece by Linen and Lace. I have made a ton of changes to this piece. It is supposed to be a needle case when it is done but I am making it into a case that holds a pair of scissors and needles. The picture below does not do it any justice. I needed a picture when the sun was up. The fabric is a gray in color. The vertical and horizontal threads in the center are a green while the couch stitches are purple.

You are probably wondering why I took a picture of this heart upside down, well there is going to be a heart connected to it right below. This will be for the back (which is done) and the front which will be connected. Then there is another set of hearts that have different patterns that will be connected and these will make up the inside of the case.
I hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Busy Busy

Last week was a whirl wind! I barely had time to stop and take a breath. I decided to help out at my previous school for the book fair for three days. The first day I was like awe they are all so cute I think I miss teaching little children. By the second day I asked myself.... what were you thinking? I would rather be at home stitching! So I am glad I helped out but I am also glad I am taking the year off.
I did get a little bit of stitching done last week. I continued to work on my needlepoint by Needle Delights I love working on this piece the colors are absolutely stunning.
This past weekend was a great way to end the week. It was the annual stitching Jamboree at Salty Yarns in Ocean City. During the Jamboree you attend three classes. This year the first class I attended was Sue Hillis from Sue Hillis Designs. This was a pre stitch, I posted in a previous post and look at what we did. We turned it into a beautiful easel. We were able to pick our own fabric colors and additions to the piece such as lace.

The next class was by Gloria Moore from Milady's Needle. I do not have a picture of this one yet. I am almost done with the piece and I intend to finish putting it together tomorrow. Pictures to come in future posts.
The next class was very unique it was traditional English goldwork by Deborah Merrick-Wilson. When this piece is done it is going to be stunning. I have never been a person with much patience that is mostly why I love to stitch and have a hard time putting it together because it takes a lot more patience. Well... goldwork it requires more patience than putting together! But look at how amazing it looks!
I am off to work on my last class piece to share!
Tata for now!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Another finish... and an almost finish

Below, there is quite a few pictures. The first picture is a class piece for the upcoming Jamboree at Salty Yarns in OC. It still needs those beautiful buttons, that are in a bag, stitched on. I tend to put off finishing... such as... putting on buttons, putting together, making tassels, and cording etc. It will get done, just probably on Friday before the class on Saturday. The next set of pictures are the Virgin Queen's Stitching Pocket by Willing Hands Needlework. This pattern was so much fun to stitch. I stitched it extremely fast and then... came the finishing. I just procrastinated but I finally finished it this week, I am so proud of myself! One of my previous posts, I posted the companion piece to this one, which is the wallet. I just love how the running back stitch looks and it is fast to do after you get the hang of it! I hope everyone had a great week and enjoying their Saturday!                                          Tata for now, Candi

Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Finish!

The other day I finished Mermaid Mending Box by Olde Colonial Designs. This was a previous Jamboree piece. I completed it just in time for this years Jamboree. I was so inspired after I completed this piece that I have almost completed another! I should have it done by tomorrow, so I can share. Now I just need to complete the cording.
Off I go!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Making Progress

These past few days I have been super busy with work, chores, and errands. But when I found some free time I worked on Mermaid Mending Box by Olde Colonial Designs. There is a few more little details to add, such as the charms and a few more stitches but for the most part it is complete. After the charms I need to complete the every other backstitch around the design. I will hopefully not put in in the basket of no return. I have such a love for stitching but when it comes to putting the smalls together I would rather just start a new project. But who knows maybe when I put this design together I will feel inspired and put some other completed projects together! Wishful thinking!
I wanted to share a photo of my moonflower vine. During the day the vine has buds on it but at night they bloom into huge beautiful white flowers.  When I came home from work the other night the flowers were breath taking.                      "Where flowers bloom so does hope" -Lady Bird Johnson              Until Tomorrow, Candi

Friday, September 22, 2017


Yesterday we finally got AC around 3:45. That was just in time for me to go to work, Lucky me. While I was sitting in the heat I worked a little bit on a previous class piece. It is called Mermaid Mending Box by Olde Colonial Designs. 
I have been trying to work on a few pieces that are close to being finished. This one is pretty close, I just need to finish the alphabet at the top and the spine of the box, which is not pictured. I really need to focus and finish some of my WIPs! I would make a rotation for my projects but I probably would not stick with it. I usually look at all my projects and decide which one I want to work on. I am kind of picky. Some days I want to work on one and others I want to work on something completely different. So maybe I will work on this again tomorrow or maybe something different.
Until then,