Saturday, December 27, 2008

Im Back!

OK so I'm HOME! Glad to be back! I was hoping the plane trip home wouldn't be delayed two hours like the plane ride there. So we got to the airport all nice and early, got on the plane on time then..... we sat there. So we waited and then they came over the speaker and said we couldn't leave until some seat belts got replaced. We got off the ground about twenty five minutes late, which wasn't half bad as the flight there, I was still a little angry because I wanted to get home as quick as possible. I had planned on having plenty of time for stitching on vacation but that did not happen, sadly. So for the next four days I'm going to do nothing but stitch...oh and cook because I love food.
Today I went with my mom to return some things and go to Salty Yarns ( the stitch store. Which is kind of like Disney World, the happiest place on earth (he he). I bought this pattern that I absolutely love called Snow-Ho-Ho by Waxing Moon. The fabric above it is 28 ct. and a light blue with some white in it, kind of looks like clouds. I loved the fabric and thought it would look great with the pattern.

Last night I stitched with the lets stitch group and started and finished my last ornie from Anita's Little Stitches Christmas Emery collection. It doesn't have the beads on it yet because me and my mom are going to do them together.

Oh my whatever will I start now? lol I don't think I have enough. I think I'm going to go work on my Snapperbets piece by Bent Creek. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas to everyone from Disney World! Going home tomorrow can't wait to see my family! Hope every one had a great day!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh my!

I'm so upset. I have been on vacation and neglected blogging! I usually read and comment on every ones blogs, and tonight I have about a half hour and I have realized I'm so far behind. Everyone has posted about three posts since I last read them! I'm going crazy without blogging OH and cross stitching that's number 1 lol! I just keep telling myself, I will be home on Friday and will have plenty time to read and comment on every ones blogs and catch up on stitching. Here is a new picture of my Disney Lanyard and pins, I think I'm obsessed now :).

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pictures of Disney

I decided to collect pins... I seen everyone with them and I wanted them to. I don't have too many but I got a collectors one from Mickey's Magical Christmas Party. I've got to run be back soon! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Busy! Busy!

I'm in Disney! I thought that I would have time to do some stitching and blogging, but everyone has so many things planned that I have no time to myself! Here is some stitching I got done in the airport and on the plane, it is the third ornie from Anita's Little Stitches Christmas Emeries. It also has about a hundred beads to be put on but I'm going to wait to get all four done to put the beads on. Hopefully, I will be able to finish the last one in a couple of days, maybe I can sneak away some how and find some time alone.

I also got a new high tech camera that has taken some beautiful pictures of Disney. Where it is new I have to download the software to the computer before I can get the pictures off of it. Maybe tonight after we get back from the park I will try to download it so I can post some pictures. Hope everyone is having a great week!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Things!

Today I went with my mom to Salty Yarns ( I won't be able to go for two weeks because I'm going to Disney for Christmas. I had to make sure I had everything I needed for my vacation. :) I found out at our dinner (stitch and bitch group) last week that my new chart for my snapperbets piece came out! I was so excited...

By the way I forgot to update about our Christmas dinner.... I had a great time. Sally ( gave me a gift certificate and some goodies (Thanks Sally). I also got plenty of cards. Like I said before. I haven't been with the stitch and bitch group long so I didn't have a secret Santa (defiantly have one next year). I loved watching everyone open their gifts, everyone stitched things for each other, they were beautiful!

It is freezing here and Tuesday we leave for Disney, can't wait to get to warm weather. I'm so excited about my vacation, but also going to miss my family. But I will defiantly still post pictures of my stitching and Disney world while I'm there.

I was also supposed to have my next ornie done and post a picture of it, but I have found that every time I write a post and say I will finish something I never do. I need to stop that!

Next post will be from Disney, See ya there!


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Last night I stitched with the Let's Stitch group. I worked on my Snapperbets piece and got a lot done. It doesn't look like much but it is. I think the letters keep getting bigger!!

Unfortunately I have to work a huge Christmas party tonight so I don't have time to write much more. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with an update on my ornies.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend,


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rainy Thursday

I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and we have been hit hard today with TONS of rain. We hit a record today with how much rain we got.
Anyway... today was a great day for stitching, if I was able to do that all day. I had to clean a townhouse, which I had a major problem with. It had been winterized. (I had to go outside and turn the water on) Easier said then done... The spicket is in the ground in a black thing that has a lid. Well I opened the lid and it had more water in it then around it!!! I had to get a cup and bail it out just to find the nozzle. I eventually found it and that was that. I then came home, after my adventure, and stitched on another Little Stitches ornament. I'm almost done with it, if I get it done tomorrow I will post a picture.
I also had to clean the house because the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow... now what sense does that make? I have no idea. I guess I like to clean before she comes so then she can do some more of everything else.. like base boards and molding and stuff. I make her job easy but at least she knows we are clean people.
I hope everyone had a good Thursday!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is Teddy, he lives with my mom but when I was in high school he was pretty much my dog. I went over to help decorate the tree and he insisted on watching up close.
Here is a couple ornaments that I have been working on, off and on for the last couple of weeks.

These are only two of the four. They each have a bunch of beads that I have yet to put on but I figured I would put them on after I got the other two done. I love these designs they are very fun to stitch I got them off Anita's, little stitches blog.

Tonight is my dinner at Fagar's with the stitch and bitch group I'm sure I will be back tomorrow to talk about how much fun I had.

Happy Stitching everyone!


Sunday, December 7, 2008


So I finally figured out how to change my background thanks Cindy! I had a few glitches along the way but managed to make it through.

Friday from 6pm-12 I stitched with the Lets Stitch group. I worked on my Bent Creek Snapperbets. I really enjoy working on this piece.

It doesn't look like I did much but believe it or not this piece is really big!! The picture does not do it justice. There is also a few lines of stitches beside the d but they are hard to see. Maybe I need a new camera... (I asked for one for christmas :)

I'am really bummed about this week but kind of excited too... I know I'm weird. This week is my final exams. I have a final on mon. tues. wed. and thurs.!!! I just keep saying in my head.. "I think I can, I think I can." But the fun part about this week is the monthly Stitch and Bitch group. We meet once a month (second tuesday) and we stitch and bitch lol. I became a member last month. This month (tuesday) we are all going to Fagars Restaurant in Ocean City. I can't wait I have never eaten there before. Everyone in the group is exchangeing their gifts but where I joined just last month I can't exchange. But that is fine by me I love to watch people open gifts... eww and eat thats probably my favorite thing other than stitching to do. Well I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, December 6, 2008


Oh my goodness I don't know what happened!!! I changed my background and it erased all of my gadgets and now it won't even let me customize I don't know what happened!!! Im going to cry!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I have finished my strawberries! Me and mom were going to make cording for the top of the strawberries but we changed our mind when we remembered that we bought christmas ribbon. So we decided to use the ribbon for the top of the ornaments for it to hang by.

I love the way they came out. It was driving me crazy for them to be sitting there staring at me not finished for a couple of days. But now I'm happy and moving on to my Christmas Emery by Little stitches.

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well my Prairie Schooler Christmas strawberries are taking a little longer than I expected. Me and my mom put them together and stuffed them. We were going to make christmas ribbons for the tops instead of the felt leaves. Well after we put them together we found out they were way too small to have ribbons go on top. So we have decided to make them the way the pattern says. That means we had to get green felt, being that we live a half an hour from a walmart and an hour away from a craft store. It takes us a little longer to get the things we need. But hopefully they will be completed tommorrow. (Fingers crossed)