Thursday, November 6, 2008


I want to thank Coni and Karen for posting comments to my blog. When I first started this bog I was nervous that no one would comment or look at my blog so I wanted to thank you.

I think that cross stitching has made me more "crafty." I went to a retreat that my mom went to, to visit and stitch with everyone and I noticed that everyone had unique name tags. So the other day my boyfriend got rid of a bunch of jean pants. I got thinking. I cut out the pockets, even the small inside change ones. I told my mom that we should make name tags out of pants pockets. Well my boyfriend has big jeans which means big pockets so we decided to make necklaces out of the big pockets and name pins with the little pockets. We decided that the necklace would be good for scissors etc. because it was a pocket duh :) Anyway here is a picture. We used fablic glitter glue and iron on flowers aren't they cute?


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Anonymous said...

Love the idea candi. I didnt' know u and your mom were doing this. By the way i made a page myself... lol it's plain and simpple for now though.