Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day!!

I have made a little progress on Winter Wonderland by Little House Needleworks.For some reason Ive been in a stitching slump today. I can't bring myself to stitch so im going to read for a little while then try to stitch again. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day today and ate lots of turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Stitchy Update...

I have made some progress on Shepherd's Bush O Beautiful. It is coming a long great...
I also started a new project, in the lite of the season. :) This is Little House Needleworks, Winter Wonderland. It is stitched on Zweigart's 28 ct natural raw linen. I just love this pattern! It gets stitched onto this cute pouch after it is done, Here is pictures of the pattern and the bag/pouch that it gets stitched onto.

Hope everyone had a great week and this weekend contributes to lots of sitchy time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Why? Why? Why?!!

So...My computer has been acting stupid. That is all Verizon's fault!! And my Direct TV (satellite) has been acting stupid as well. I have three satellite receivers and TWO of them didn't work as of last night. So I called Direct TV last night and told them that two of my receivers weren't getting signal. They did one thing and told me that they couldn't help me, I needed to call a service man. Well one of my receivers hasn't been working but it is in my craft room and Im usually doing more important things then watching TV in there so it wasn't a big deal BUT when our 56 inch big screen doesn't have TV especially on a Sunday when football is on, that is a huge problem. Anyway... when the lady told me that she couldn't help me or tell me why it was working just ten minutes before it went out, I turned red in the face and hung up and screemed obsenities. So my internet has been acting up and I couldn't connect to the internet for a while. When I was tring to connect like an hour ago and it wasn't working, I looked at my boyfriend and told him that I was going to call Verizon and scream at them and tell him that it was all direct TV's fault and jon said, "Ummm..... Candi, Verizon and Direct TV are oowned together." Well... I turned red in the face and wanted to throw the computer but I closed my eyes and counted to 10 about.... only fifty times and calmed down. I then calmly (somehow) got online and now Im here finally posting my pictures of the storm...
(Above) This is a picture of the first day of the storm before high tide, the water is already o half of the street.
(Above) This is a picture of the town dock when the water is already in the parking lot above the boat ramp.

(Above) (Two pictures) Now this is almost high tide on the first day, it didn't quite cover that hump of grass. But definatly covered the whole road and most peoples yards.
(Above) This is a road believe it or not. The car is pulled off on the high part of the road and is still stalled out. (isn't mine lol)

(Above) UHG!! This is the highest tide we had Friday morning. high tide was at 5:30 am and this picture is at 3:30 am. Its a bad picture but I want to tell you! It took my mulch out of my flower beds and left it in my back yard. Now my back yard is higher then my front and I have mulch on my first step to my back door. Even our garage was about 6 inches under and that is in my very back yard.

(Above) Is a picture of my back yard after the storm was over and the tide was gone.

(Above) Flooded street.
(Above) Someone thinks they are funny kyaking down our stret in front of our house. lol The tide was only half on the street but it is still funy.

I'l be back with a stitchin update soon. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lots of progress!

I will have plenty of pictures to share tomorrow of the big storm but for tonight I have update pictures of my Shepherd's Bush, O Beautiful. The storm has caused a lot of down time so I used my time to stitch!

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rain, Wind, Floods...O MY!

I don't know if everyone seen my pictures from the last Nor' Easter we had but it is looking like that is going to happen again. I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia on an Island and we are being hit pretty hard with rains, wind, and flooding from hurricane Ida. The reminents of Ida have turned into a Nor' Easter when it hit our Low and High fronts. I don't get what that all means but I have been hearing it all day so I thought I would share. The tides aren't too bad yet since it just started this morning but tomorrow is supposed to be worse and Im sure I will have some interesting pictures of my little Island.
Anyway... On a stitchy note. I have made some progress on Shepherd's Bush, O Beautiful.
I hope everyone is having a great week. I will probably have more pics soon because I will be sitting inside stitching in my fluffy pj's all day tomorrow due to weather warnings. :) Sounds like a great plan to me!

Monday, November 9, 2009

And the winner is.....

I used the lucky Cowboys hat. hehe


I will be e-mailing you to get your address! Congratulations!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last Call!

Tomorrow at five pm I will draw a name for my giveaway. If you haven't entered please enter before five pm tomorrow Thanks!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Continued... and done.

I finally downloaded the pictures of me and Jon on Halloween. They are hilarious.
I forgot to put my nose on in this picture, it kept falling off. LOL
I have taken down all of my Halloween decorations, now on to decorating for Christmas!!! I tend to skip Thanksgiving decorations because I just love Christmas so much and need to decorate ASAP!
Bloggyday Giveaway...Two posts down.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

This weekend was the Second Annual C.A. Wells retreat. Well she doesn't come to the retreat that is the funny part. Last year C.A Wells was supposed to teach a class at Salty Yarns. She had requested that twelve people sign up for the class because she wouldn't come if there were any less. C.A called and was told that twelve were signed up for the class and C.A then said she wouldn't come unless there were 15 in the class. Sally told here that she could find three more people with no problem to take the class and C.A said that it wasn't worth her time to come. So she cancelled last minute. Sally, Salty Yarns shop owner tells the story much better then I do with many details, you can probably find it on her blog shortly. Everyone had scheduled to come to that weekend last year and decided to come to stitch anyway, so Sally has made it an annual retreat where we all come to gather and stitch! Anyway... I took pictures of the great decorations that Sara had put up.

I also finished, pumpkin, on the Lizzie Kate Boo flip its.
And... With much help from my mom, I give you the Lord's Prayer by Big Toe.
I also have pictures from Halloween night, me and my BF dressed up as clowns!! The pictures are on a -need to see- basis. Hopefully I will have them downloaded off my camera tomorrow. ~~Thanks to everyone that has left the wonderful comments on my giveaway post I jsut love them all!
Tata for now... If you haven't entered my bloggy day giveaway, its not to late!