Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday??

Hello all! Happy Monday! I kept thinking to myself.. What day is if?? GRRRR... it's Monday! I'm so glad that it is nearly over. I hope everyone had a great start to their week. I know I didn't but I wish happiness to everyone else.
Lets skip the unhappiness on my part... Here is a little something I started working on last night. It is by Sue Hillis designs called Candy Corn Crazy Volume 1. I have a dowel tree that I would love to put these on this Halloween.
I'm off to work on Drawn Thread ABC Sampler Part 2.
Tata... I hope that everyone has a great rest of the week. (p.s if you didn't read the last post please do to see if you can help out with IPAD pictures, thank you!)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Shwooo... Hard work

I was sick; home in bed (mostly) for two days. I can't tell you the last time I was sick like that! Well all I could think about when I finally made it to the couch from bed was that I miss blogging and looking at everyones lovely things. So I tried to think of ways to make blogging quicker and easier for me, then I had an AaaHA moment... I will use my IPAD! What a great idea right? So I got my handy dandy IPAD out and snapped pictures faster than lightning then realized... How in the world do I get them from my ipad to my post window. I had to give up after staring at the ipad for a half hour and emailed the pictures to myself then grabbed the laptop. If anyone knows how to make pictures transfer from my ipad to my post window please HELP!
Here are some things that I received for Christmas. The first 3 pictures are a gift from my mother. It is just beautiful! Thanks Mom!

These next two pictures is a gift from Sara who was my secret santa (or vice versa??) I actually seen one of these done before I received this gift and almost drooled all over it. Thank you Sara! I promise I won't drool on it.

And if you haven't realized it yet, I am a teacher. The picture below is a gift from Sally which I greatly appreciate. It will be a keepsake for years and years... It has the date on which I started teaching and the place. Even though sometimes work is tough I always remember that teaching has been my dream and passion. This gift helps me remember that. Thank you very much Sally!
In the midst of taking these pictures as fast as lightning, silly me forgot to take pictures of what I'm working on. Until next time... or until someone leaves me a message on how to send pictures from my ipad to the post window.