Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Things

I currently go to Old Dominion University, I will recieve my BA next year. So I really like to stitch pieces that I can hang in my future classroom. Here is a piece that I finished two months ago.

This is called Teachers Row by Bent Creek. Me and my mom went to the shop today. I spent way too much money but I couldn't help myself. I bought Snapperbets 3 pattern which is a continuence of the ones I already have; picture of what I've done so far in another post.

I also bought Lizzie Kate double flips Christmas pattern. Maybe I will get to that eventually. :) Syke I will probably start that next week.



Nana said...

Very pretty... I belong to Let's Stitch" and saw your intro.. the address is incorrect there should not be a @ sign but a period.. but I just so wanted to see your page that I figured it out lol.. I can't post on the sister site but will be looking in from time to time to see everyone's progress.. hope to see yours..
Nice blog.

Happy Stitching


Shari said...

thanks for visiting my blog!!! I love to see new names!!! Thank you!!!!
Yes, I see you love Bent Creek as much as I do!!!! They are so fun to stitch!!!!
Love the pieces you have done!

staci said...

Welcome to blogging Candi! Great new stash :) And I know what you mean about being "stingy"...when you've put a lot of time and effort into a project, it's hard to give it away :)

I'll be back to visit again, hugs :)

Tonya said...

Welcome to blogger land! I am new to blogspot. Welcome to the wonderful, addictive world of stitching too! L*K's are very addictive as well as Bent Creek!!!

Can't wait to see more stitching!