Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I told everyone in a post a couple of weeks ago that I learned how to quilt. Here is my quilt so far. It is kinda long but this is just the first two rows put together. I have completed all of my blocks just have to assemble them now.I have completed the first chat in the Country Cottage, Summer Seascape series. (sorry about the picture this pattern doesnt like the camera, the fabric is a light blue)
I have also worked a little bit on my class piece.
And last night I couldn't contain myself anymore I had to start Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor. Today my objective is to work on my Lauren Sauer class piece but I get a little side tracked so I might wonder to the diamonds ( they are a girls best friend) :)
Tata for now
I made two posts today so please read the one below as well! :)


I would like to share with everyone what I have been doing for the past ten days. First, me and my boyfriend have been remodeling our bathroom. We stripped the whole thing including the walls and the ceiling! Here is a before picture and here is a now picture but the bathroom is still a ways from being completed.

The bathroom used to have these plastic blue tiles on the wall (in the picture). Some would fall off every couple of weeks. It was rediculous.

We dry walled the walls after we insulated them (yes this is an old! house and they didn't have insulation!) and we decided to put real tile around the tub and on the floor. I love the tile work that my dad did! There isn't grout in the tiles on the floor yet because the glue is still drying but there is grout on the tub tiles. The color of the grout is darker we haven't cleaned the white dust off yet because we cant walk on the floor yet.
Anyway I have been stitching and quilting too so I am going to post that seperate because I have so many pictures.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is it Monday yet?

This week has been horrendous. I am so glad that it is (almost) over! If I could explain everything that has happened this week it would lake me hours! But i will not stir up the past. :) I will just tell you all, the positives. Which is really only two things:

1) I went to a quilting class on Saturday. I had a blast, it was so relaxing! I think it made my blood pressure go back to normal for a couple of hours. I have a picture of what I have done but it is just some squares. The colors are brown, yellow, and some tans. There is green in the one with the flowers so i might make the border green. I am excited because I have never quilted before or used a sewing machine. I think we are going back to the shop to do some more on Tuesday night.2) I went to Salty Yarns with Crystal and my Mom to stitch with Sally. I worked on Country Cottage series chart 1. By the way, this fabric is light blue!!! I have no idea why it turned out tan in the picture!
I haven't worked on my class piece for a while but I do have a little progress to show.
I am hoping to work on this, this week. But I can't seem to pry my hands from the Country Cottage piece. Unfortunately I have to go because I'm at work. :(

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend is Over! :(

First I would like to present to everyone... What a hoot! and "Needle and Thread." Da da da daaaaa!!!I also have tons of pictures of Jane Timmer's Finishing class Part 2. (Below)(Everyone who's picture is on here, please don't hate me.)

I just love everything that we made! Now I can finish anything! I had so much fun and I want to thank Sally, Sara, and Mary for making everything run smoothly and Jane Timmer's for coming. Now listen to me, I sound like I am making a speech. :)

I also added to my stash: Country Cottage Needleworks, Summer Seascape Series and Rosewood Manor's, Quaker Diamonds. I have started the CCN Series and will have pictures of my progress on that and my Lauren Sauer's Class piece next post.
Until then...

Monday, April 5, 2010

The good...and the bad.

Good News! : I put together LHN "Needle and Thread" and The Cat's Whiskers, What a hoot! WoooHooo.

Bad News! : I forgot to take pictures of it before I let Sally display them in her shop! I know I am just horrible!


Monday : Had off and Stitched!

Tuesday : Worked at night but wasn't too busy.

Wednesday: Went to work at night but left early to go to church for passover.

Thursdays : Went clothes shopping for work which is khaki's and a white polo. Boring! Then went to work.

Friday : Went grocery shopping and got my nails done then went to work.

Saturday : Went to the new quilt shop that just opened and signed up do a class to teach me and my mom how to quilt. Exciting! then put together Needle and thread and What a hoot!. Then unfortunately went to work.

Sunday : Woke up early and worked out and went to Salty Yarns to stitch with Sally and Sara. Ate a salad for lunch (shhh... I haven't really told myself yet that it was really a hot dog and fries). Then went to work.

Total of people I waited on Thursday thru Sunday : 150! See and now I know why I am crazy and forget things.

Even though I have had a busy week I have managed to make a little progress on my Lauren Sauer's class piece.Anyway...This weekend is the Jane Timmer's Finishing class Part 2! I can't wait, I have everything packed. Yes even my camera and I will take tons of pictures and even of my finishes that I forgot to yesterday.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a Happy Monday!
I am off to try to make my DMC threads organized wish me luck!