Friday, October 30, 2009

Bloggyday Giveaway!!

Here is what I am giving away for my bloggyday!

The Giveaway includes:
American Quilt Collection: Color Study: Hide n Seek
Bent Creek: The weathered garden
and Shepherd's Bush: Happy Halloween roll

To enter just leave a comment to this post with your e-mail address included please. Since Im slow and this was supposed to be posted a week ago, winners will be picked on November 9. Now wasn't that easy?
Tata for now!! Tell your friends!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cleaner craft table

Today my mom came over and we decided to put some of our projects together. Here are some pictures. These were two of our class projects.

I m am happy with the way they turned out and that now my craft table has two less things on it. Be back soon with Bloggyday Giveaway!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Someone bring a boat to save me!

I live on Chincoteague Island, on the eastern shore. If anyone lives close or on the coast they will know that we have had a Northeaster. Well my poor little island has become a victim of bipolar weather. Here are some pictures of my front yard at nine thirty this morning. The bad part is is that these pictures are after the tide went down for a half hour. Now let me explain, there is a road past the grass strip in front of my house!! (1st pic). In the second piture the road is supossed to be in front of the mail box! CRAZY
Here are some more picture at around eleven am around the island. O by the way it was 47 degrees today!

I also finished my Halloween wreath today. I want to put something else on it, maybe some styro foam ghosts.Sorry no stitching pictures, hopefully soon I will have something I can show. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clutter, Unacceptable!

Here is a picture of my craft room table. I know its a disaster. I hate things being messy. Tomorrow my goal is to get some things completed and put in its place.
On this table I have several different piles. One pile is to be put together, one for my secret Santa stuff, one for little gifts to give, and one for future projects that are top of the list. The rest of my future and past projects are neatly filed away. I know you all are saying "Filed!" Yes I have huge binders with my projects that are completed and my future projects.

MY Bloggy Day is coming soon!!! So check back soon for my Bloggy Day Giveaway!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Weekend!

This weekend was awesome. I learned so many new things. Something that was very unique was Peyote beading from the Fern Ridge Collection! Look at what I made. I also bought the needle and scissor book to go with our class piece. O I just love it!

I also painted fabric and then stitched on it. Catherine Jordan taught us how to do it and it turned out very beautiful. The pattern will go on a circle box and has another pattern that goes on the inside, I wil show more pictures when it is complete. She also has some beautiful map pieces that she has designed.
I bought a lot of nice things to. I bought a lot of fabric for my secret santa piece and some cute pin cushions that I want to make. I also bought Apple Betty (Below) This pattern will go in my future classroom and speaking of, I just got my score results back from my Praxis 2 test and I passed with flying colors!I hope everyone's week is going well so far. Stitch and Bitch starts back tonight! I so love fall!! I will have pictures of stitch and bitch in a couple of days!
Tata for now!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween and Jamboree!

Ive decorated my house for Halloween, actually I decorated in like the third week of September; what can I say? I LOVE Halloween. I really wanted to put a hay bail out front, but so many people have told me they get really nasty and hard to dispose of, honestly I think they are just jealous, lol.

Sorry about the picture, it was really windy today when I took it and you can't see my cute flag :( It says Happy Halloween and has a black smiling cat sitting next to a smiling pumpkin.

And here is Velcro, my very own black cat with a white mustache, tie, and boots.
Here is my future Halloween wreath, I spray painted the wreath black and I'm going to put the ribbon around it and hot glue the sign to it.

I must tell everyone about tomorrow and Sunday!!! Tomorrow is the start of the 9th annual Stitcher's Jamboree at Salty Yarns in Ocean City. I can't wait! It features Pam Reed from Olde Colonial, Catherine Jordan (works with painting on linen), and Patricia Cherry from the Fern Ridge Colloection. I can't wait I'am so excited, work is going to last forever tonight!! I will make sure to take plenty of pictures this weekend. Tata for now I must go work on some Christmas presents because I won't have time this weekend. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Give Away!

Oh I have found such a wonderful blog-versary give away!! For everyone that loves free things you must go and visit Annette's Acre! Congrats Annette!

Back from Blogging vacation...

I haven't blogged in forever. :( I wish I had more pictures to show but like I said before, I have been working on Christmas presents and the people that they are for read my blog, but that means I will have plenty of stored up pictures to share in December. Right now I am working on three Christmas presents one is the Lord's prayer which I can show, one of the presents I can't show is almost complete and only needs a couple letters and beads and the other present has a ways to go but I should be starting a new project that I can share very soon. I think I am going to star Shepherd's Bush, Halloween night. Here is a picture of the fabric and threads. I have completely changed the color of the fabric.

This fabric is Weeks Dye works 30 ct. Im not positive what the color is exactly but it is a dark purple. The threads look so good on it Im excited to start this pattern. I will have to change the color of the words, I think I will make them orange.

I have a funny story to tell...
The other night I was working, waiting tables. Some one called the restaurant and asked if we had saved a to go box that was left the previous night. Now let me tell everyone, it was five o'clock the next night. We proceeded to tell her that if a to go box is left, we throw it away at the end of the night. She then asks if we can cook her more food!!! What? who would ask to be made more food when it was their fault they left the to go box! Anyway the hostess proceeded to tell her that we do not cook new food when it was half eaten. She then says that she is a high class citizen in the community and sends people to the restaurant all of the time. After she talked to several different people she got on the phone with the owner. The owner is very non confrontational so after she gives the whole spiel about her being high class, blah blah, the owner told her we would cook her half a meal. Uhg!!! who gets away with that stuff. Silly!

Anyway... Im going to go work on some christmas presents. I hope everyone has a great week!