Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have completed Country Cottage, Seascapes series. Completed on 28 count Sapphire linen. I am so happy to have this completed.On the house front... The roof is completed! Woohoo! There was a huge mishap though. While they were constructing the new A frame it decided to rain about four inches! So it destroyed our bedroom. The good news about that is that the room is going to be completely gutted and re-done. The bad news is that it wasn't going to be next well now it is next starting next week. We have also almost completed the spare room. I will post pictures as soon as its done.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Construction Zone

I started collecting the Little House Needleworks, Christmas Ornaments. I decided that I wanted to stitch them over one instead of two. I am using thirty count which it calls for, but I have changed some of the colors. I started "Snowy Pines" (below)
I have also been working on Country Cottage, Summer Seascapes series. I just finished Chart four and I am waiting for the last chart to come out so it will be completed. The picture below is of the fourth chart.
As most people know our house has been under construction. At the beggining of this week Jon and my dad and his crew started on the roof which is a huge project! First off, there was thre layers of shingles and then cedar shakes. So all of that had to come off then they had to put ply wood on it. Also, we are getting an A frame on the addition side of our house so this is just a huge mess! The side that doesn't have the addition is done! So that side has been cleaned up but the other side is a different story, it looks like our roof threw up all over our yard. But hopefully (finger's crosses) it will be done by Monday. I have high hopes! :)
Tata for now!