Saturday, January 30, 2010

New word...Nothingness

On vacation I was working on my class piece for the Jane Timmers Finishing Class (Part 2) at Salty Yarns in April. Im really excited about it. I kindly asked if I could show my progress and she has given me permission.

This is going to be a pouch, a pinkeep, and a needle case. I have not stitched the needle case yet, that is what Iam going to work on tomorrow as I drink hot chocolate and watch TV....ALL DAY! Can't wait, it will be the first day since vacation that I have nothing to do. Wish me luck because something will probably come up.
I was told that we have received twelve inches of snow. That is definitely some kind of record because I was told that twelve inches hasn't happened here since around the late eighties. On our way home tonight we rode by about 4 foot snow drift!!! No I didn't type that wrong. I really wish that we could have stopped so I could have stood by it. But Jon told me that we would get stuck again. Yeah again, we got stuck with 4 wheel drive. Crazy! The roads are completely covered, where we live we are not prepared for this much snow. Anyway... I have some pictures of the snow and I will post them tomorrow while in my bliss of nothingness. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally Finished... Completely

I finished putting the final touches on Shepherd's Bush, O Beautiful. It has been stitched but I just had to put the beads on. I wanted to make sure it was finished because the framer that I go to is having a twenty percent off your total purchase sale for the month of January. If anyone lives near Salisbury Maryland and needs some stitchy pieces framed I would highly recommend going to Classic Custom Framing. They do a great job and have good prices.
I hope everyone is having a great week.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Last 1/2 of Vacation!

(Above) This is a picture from our boat of Mazatlan.
(Above) This is a picture of our boat while it was at Cabo.
(Below) Is the famous arch of Cabo. We took a boat tour to see it. Beautiful.

(Above) We went whale watching at Puerto VAllarta. It was crazy we seen so many! The are very photo shy though.

(Above) I swear it is real. I paid a guy two dollars to let me take a picture with the Donkey and he told me to sit down and he put him in my lap. I was shocked!!

I had a great time! I was happy on vacation but I am very happy to be home. I think three weeks is a little long for a vacation. Now I must go catch up on stitching and reading blogs. Be back soon!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/2 Way through vacation!

I have already been to Cancun Mexico and Im now in Los Angeles California! I have never been to the west coast and it is definatly a new experience for me. (I have stitchy pictures but can't show them til I have permission it is a class piece) I have lots of pictures to show of my vacation so far. The first couple of pictures is of our tour of LA yesterday. We also visited the stars houses but the pictures are mostly of the front doors and gates so I left them out.

(Above) On our way to Venice Beach. This is a canal. Isn't it lovely?!

(Above) Picture speaks for itself. (Above) Us at Santa Monica Beach.
(Above) Hollywood Walk of fame.(Above) Beverly hills LA(Above) (Cancun) Us by the pool! It was snowing at home. :)(Above) (Cancun) This is a picture of one of the pools at our resort. Picture from our room.

(Above) (Cancun) Shortly after this picture I slipped on a rock and took almost my whole big toe nail off and Im pretty sure I broke the one next to it to. I have walked with a limp for the last couple of days but its doing a little better now.

Tomorrow we leave for our cruise to Puerto Valarta, Cabo, and somewhere I still can't pronounce. Be back in 7 days with tons more pictures! Everyone stay warm and dry!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Busy Bee!

I have a couple of pictures of my progress on Beekeepers Cottage, they aren't very good pictures though :(I haven't stitched very much because I had to work this past weekend and I have been busy gettimg ready for my vacation. On Thursday we leave and fly to Cancun Mexico for a week. Then we fly to Los Angeles for two days and leave from there for a week cruise to Cabo, Puerto Valarta, ans somewhere else that I can't pronounce or spell. I can't wait!!
I hope everyone's New Year is getting off to a good start!