Monday, July 9, 2012


First I will explain my title. I recently seen The Berlin Woolwork Sampler completed. It was absolutely beautiful! If my memory serves me correctly Paola completed it on 45 count. So I decided that I want to stitch it as well, thank you Paola for the show and tell. The pattern is no longer being printed. So I bought the four parts that Salty Yarns had and 3 parts online but I'm missing two parts, part 6 and 8. If anyone knows where I can purchase them please let me know. I will say that I can find part 6 easily but part 8 is nowhere to be found. Please Help!

On to some stitching updates. Here is a picture of one of Jackie Du Plessis's August class, at Salty Yarns, pieces. The piece still has another line of words to complete the saying.

Working on Jackie's Class piece inspired me to pull out another class piece that I went to. It wasn't a pre stitched piece so I just started it yesterday. It is going quickly.

Now I'm going back to google to try to find part 8 of The Berlin Woolwork Sampler. Wish me luck!


Paola said...

Hi Candy
It's Paola.
How nice of you to mention me in your blog .
I am glad my sampler inspired you.
I am sure you will love it.
Have you tried Needle in a Haystack , California?
Look forward to seeing you at Salty Yarns?

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I wish I couldhp but I don't have that pattern. What a stunner it will be. Great progress on your class pieces. Would love to see it all finished and put together!

Juels said...

Attic Needlework in Mesa AZ may have the partsyou are looking for.