Monday, December 28, 2009

So little to do and so much time...

I want to show everyone my progress on Shepherd's Bush, Beekeepers Cottage.
This pattern is different from some other SB patterns that I have done. The rows are a little more difficult. They have stitches like, lazy daisy, french knots, and basket weaving. Now I have heard of all these things but never actually done them. I was explaining my problem to Jon and he say, "just look it up on U tube." I am not a U tube person so I laughed and said, "they wouldn't have stitching on U tube. " Then he preceded to explain to me that everything is on U tube and that a friend of his even learned to drywall using U tube!! Can you believe that. So I went to U tube and sure enough they had tutorials that were just so easy to see and do. Now, thanks to U tube I am that much smarter. :) Maybe I should learn to drywall next... tehe... NOT!
I have still not uploaded my pictures of my Christmas stitchy pattern gifts so hopefully tomorrow or the next day they will be up. What a slacker I am. I have nothing to do and still seem to get nothing done. :)


Blu said...

It's actually pretty ridiculous what you can learn from YouTube.
I learnt to jump start a dead car battery (this is major since I haven't ever pumped gas!)

You SB looks lovely

Nana said...

Looks great
you tube does wonders with giving useful and much needed info.. I use it many time..

Have a Happy and safe NEW YEAR!


Jennifer Stumpf said...

Hi Candi-- I went to Chincoteague High school all four years and my mom taught there for twenty years. We lived on Church St. next to the UM Church for more than twenty years before my parents moved to the mainland... They still live there and I just returned home to Richmond from there a few days ago. small world! I love your blog. I love stitching and will be sure to book mark your page for updates! Happy New Year!! =)

Laural said...

It's looking great!

I had to go to YouTube to figure out how to put my sons shin guards on because they aren't the strap kind. It was on there though!