Thursday, December 10, 2009

Me made Christmas Presents!!

Here are the gifts that I gave at the Stitch and Bitch Christmas dinner. This was for Hedy who was my secret Santa or I was her secret Santa... ohhh whatever. I made this for her. :)
Here is some Monogram pin cushion tea cups aren't they cute?And last but not least, this was my present that I made for Sally, Shepherd's Bush, Quaker Heart. Sally is such a great person, I look up to her and she does so much for me, my mom, and everyone she meets. She has a great personality and runs a great shop. I felt that I should make her something nice for Christmas because she deserves great things. She seemed like she loved it!

I was sally's secret Santa (or she was my secret Santa) geezzzzz... She made me a present!! But that present deserves a post of its own so I will be back with pictures from what I got at the Christmas dinner.


Blu said...

Quaker's Heart is beautiful! That mat and frame just set it off perfectly!
The pincushions are very cute. Where is that alphabet from?

Rachel S said...

Pretty gifts. That is awesome!