Sunday, December 20, 2009

On a roll.

I know I usually only post every couple of days or maybe even once a week, but the restaurant I work at is closed until new years eve and then we are closing again for a month! I am so excited! I have time to stitch, blog, or just do nothing.
Since I finished Shepherd's Bush O Beautiful, I decided to start another project and plus I don't have many WIP, I need to create more. :) So I decided to start Shepherd's Bush, Beekeeper's Cottage. (I couldn't figure how to get a picture of the pattern on here so click the link if you would like to see it)
I know what everyone is thinking, "another Shepherd's Bush!" I just can't get away. I went in my craft room and got lost for a couple hours today and after a LONG debate I finally decided on the Beekeeper's Cottage. I had plenty of other choices but I decided that I didn't want to start a big project right yet. So here is what I have done so far, it isn't much but its a start.Probably will be back tomorrow since Im on a blog roll. :)

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Rachel S said...

Looking good! They are a fun stitch.