Saturday, December 19, 2009


I think everyone knows by now but if not, I live on the Eastern Shore. For the past month or two we have had two really bad Nor' Easters and have had flooding. Well we are now getting another one. I got all excited yesterday because I thought that for once we were going to get snow before Christmas.....NOT. I was very wrong and it is now raining and flooding...again! Now I will tell you that I like rain because when it rains I seem to get more stitching done but the news has been telling me that it is supposed to snow, so now I am depressed that they were usual. I really don't know why I am so surprised. Now for a funny story....
Once upon a time (the end of November) our pumpkins were ready to go away. So Jon being so creative decided to throw them in the marsh across the street. He said the would rot and go away (poof!) Then we had the last Nor' Easter and the floated back in our yard, go figure. So when the tide went out it took them with it and I haven't thought about it. Until today... On our way back from lunch (We had to go the long way because the tide was so high). So about a mile from the house we see a pumpkin in the middle of the road! Who put that there!! So we stopped and picked up the one in the road and the one that was on the side of the road. So I guess we have to throw them away the right way. :) Lesson of the day: Don't assume things just go away, they always come back to haunt you if you don't take care of them. By writing this post I hope that Jon doesn't get arrested for polluting. I don't think it is polluting if it degrades. Tehe.. Lesson learned.

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