Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pictures Galore!

I have plenty of pictures to show!! First, here is The Lord's Prayer by Big Toe. It is framed and ready to wrap for Christmas. This is for my hopefully future mother in law lol. Shhhhh... I had help because the one color thing is not my cup of tea.And now.... Da da da Duhhhh! Here is my house all decorated.

I tried to take pictures of the outside when the lights were on but of course my camera doesn't like the dark. Drat!
I also have stitchy progress pictures but I felt that I had a lot already so I eill hopefully be back tomorrow or the nex day to post them.
Happy Tuesday everyone!


Blu said...

Your Christmas decor is nice.
The Lord's Prayer is lovely! That red is just amazing. The mat and the frame are nice too. But have I mentioned that the red is just plummy?

Quiltsmiles said...

What a lovely blog and great eye candy. Your cross stitching is beautiful and I love, love, LOVE the pieces that you recently framed. Your SB is gorgeous!
I'm envious that "The Salty Yarn" is close to you. When I visited my sister in Annpolis this past April, we went to Ocean City and I got my first expensive trip there. Thought I died and went to heaven. LOL

Rachel S said...

Lovely decorations! The house looks so festive. Your Lord's Prayer is GORGEOUS!