Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have decided that tonight would be the perfect time to tell everyone about my weekend experience of babysitting. Well first off, I went to Yorktown Virginia for a wedding, my boyfriend was a groomsman. Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner, it was an open bar then we decided to go out. That wasn't a smart move because we had already had plenty to drink. Anyway I have been on a diet and hadn't drank in ten days not even a sip. So the next morning I had heart burn so bad, I never get heart burn! Anyway, that was Saturday, the wedding, so after the wedding we went to the reception which of course was an open bar. I got a glass of wine and I couldn't even drink it. Every time I would swallow a sip it would burn all the way down. So I tried a beer, that was even worse. So I decided it was telling me something, not to drink. In the meantime, my boyfriend and one of his friends was drinking ALOT. Go figure, just my luck to have to put up with drunkies. After it was over we took the shuttle back to the hotel where me and my boyfriend were staying. On the way back we looked at Friend and he was passed out. My boyfriend woke him up and he stumbled to our room. Me and Boyfriend got changed to go out. Friend was passed out sitting up in front of the TV. We tried to wake him up to ask if he wanted to stay in our room or go back to his hotel. He said he wanted to go out. WHAT! thats insane I told him he couldn't go out. Now I don't want you all to just think friend was drunk, boyfriend was to but he just likes to make jokes and talk a lot he didn't drink enough to get that silly. Then he wanted to go to his hotel. On our way to the hotel he sat in the front seat while boyfriend was in the back. It was like a two minute drive and I looked over and he was passed out again. Silly billy (friend). I tried to wake him and he finally woke up, boyfriend tried to walk him to his room but he refused and wanted to go by himself. I could have swore that he would make it no farther than the lobby but he made it to his room. To top it off he was staying with his parents LOL. Too funny. Me and boyfriend still went out and I was designated driver but we didn't stay long. It was a rodeo bar with a mechanical bull in the middle of it. The bride decided to ride it with her dress on. Overall, it was a fun and interesting weekend.
On a stitchy note I got a little more done on my Lizzie Kate Double Flips.

Anyway the Jane Timmers Finishing Class is this weekend and I can't wait! I Hope everyone is having a great week.

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Cindy F. said...

Boy, do you bring back;)

Your L*K looks awesome!
I hope you have a great time at your class this weekend:)