Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend was Jane Timmers finishing class, Part 1. It was in Ocean City Maryland at Salty Yarns ( ). I had an awesome time and learned a lot. Unfortunately Sally couldn't join the class because she had to run the shop but Sara, her daughter joined us. Here are some pictures...

Stacy and Jane

My mom
Kay Jane and Sara

Jane taught us how to make tassels, cording, and a flat padded finish.

I had such a great time. I feel so inspired, I can't wait until Part 2. I also bought all kinds of stitching stuff. Ill create another post with all that stuff in it, hopefully tomorrow.
Anyway... My craft room is almost complete!! The floors have their first coat of polyurethane and the walls and edging are painted. I also bought a book shelf, wall shelf, and a rolling craft storage.Here is Jon , working hard on my room!
Until Tomorrow,


Tonya said...

What a fun class! Craft room looks really good!!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Michele said...

What a fun class! Hope day 2 was as good :) I took a class from Jane last October .. she's such a good teacher and so fun too :)

Karen said...

Jane is an awesome teacher, i learned alot and had so much fun in her classe.

love the craft room coming along!

Cindy F. said...

How exciting you and mom took that great class! Wish I could have joined ya'll!! I sure need to learn finishing:)
Wow! Your floors look amazing!!