Monday, March 30, 2009

Framed...And some awesome news!

I picked up my framed Shepherd's Bush, Yuletide Sampler today!!! Ta Da!!

The pictures aren't very good . The color of the top mat is a dark plum. The second one that is hard to see because of the picture is a light blueish gray. The frame is an antique silver. I absolutely love how it came out!
I have done some work on LK Halloween DF and the Lord's Prayer, I will post a picture later in the week.
This weekend I went to a wedding in Yorktown Virginia. It was a big wedding and was absolutely gorgeous. I ended up having to babysit one of my boyfriends friends. That is a long and funny story I will tell that another day for a great laugh.
I also have great news!!! My boyfriend has decided to let me have my very own Playroom! (Craftroom) And that is thanks to Cindy because I showed him the pictures of her room and he decided I could have mine too! We have removed everything from the room and have started to sand the floors, by the end of the week I will be able to paint (already have it). I will make sure to update with pictures on how that is going. If I were to take a picture right now you would only see a cloud of floor dust from the sander. I should have taken a before picture but my boyfriend decided to surprise me when I came home from shopping today by starting early and getting a lot done.
Until tomorrow...


Natalija said...

Gorgeous framing!!! It looks very simple, but rich at the same time. Good job :) Have a great week!

Kate said...

Totally jealous about your craftroom!!

Cindy F. said...

WOOHOO!!! Girl! I'm so excited for you!!!
1st - your SB framed piece came out GORGEOUS!!! I love it:)
2nd - a craftroom!! That is awesome! What a PRECIOUS BF you have:) He is such a keeper Candi!!Congrats!!