Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stitch and Bitch

Tuesday night was Stitch and Bitch. Usually at Stitch and Bitch I don't get much done because of socializing and stuffing my face but this time I got a lot done. I finished my Milady's Needle Acorn Box. Iam so proud of myself I made the cording and the tasels and managed to put it all together with the help of Sara. Thanks much! Anyway here is the pictures.

Sally also brought her newly framed pieces. One was a Shepherd's Bush piece, Emmanuel, one of the other ones was by Little Needlework house I think something about seashells. The last one was something about liberty. They were all beautiful, she had them all finished with museum glass. I have never seen it before and I didn't think they had any glass at all until I was at a certain angle.
So the other day I was at work and my boyfriends father said, "You think the Lord's Prayer will be done by Mother's Day?" Oh my I almost peed my pants laughing so hard. I said something around the lines of maybe it will be done around Christmas. I decided to buy a smaller piece that I can have done by mother's Day. I bought Serenity by Erica Micheals. This piece is supposed to be done on 40 count gauze but I decided to use linen to make it a faster project. I know I ruined my rule of having only three projects started at once but it was for a good cause. :)


Karen said...

great finish Candi! I love it!

Cindy F. said...

Rules were meant to be broken;)

Wow girl! Your finishes are gorgeous! I knew from the 1st strawberry you posted, you were a fast learner and could finish anything! If you decided not to teach, you could do interior decorating easily! You're very creative!