Friday, April 10, 2009

Craft Room and More!

Hi everyone! I have a few announcements... First, my craft room is pretty much done except I have words to put on the wall and the stools have just been painted and are drying. I am going to find some cute stool covers for them as well.This picture is of my cutting table that I got from Micheal's, I love it!

Second, I have made a little progress on Snow Ho-Ho by Waxing moon. Slowly but surely... lol

And third, Here is what I bought last weekend while I was at Salty Yarns for my Jane Timmers class.
The first one is Shepherd's bush, O Beautiful. The second is The Cat's Whiskers, What a Hoot. I love these patterns so much that I NEED to start them now. But I can't I have a rule about only working on three patterns at a time and I'm at my limit. I better get stitching then.... Hope everyone had a great week!


Natalija said...

Hi Candi,
I love your new work room :)The new patterns you bought are wonderful. I have seen the 2nd one finished, and it looked super great. Happy Easter!

Kim D Messick said...

Nice craft room! You sure have discipline to only do 3 projects at once!

Shelleen said...

love your craft room.

Cindy F. said...

Oh Candi!! CONGRATS on your beautiful craftroom!! I'm so excited for you!! Wow! You guys did a beautiful job!! I love it:)

Fun new design choices you've picked to stitch!!