Monday, April 5, 2010

The good...and the bad.

Good News! : I put together LHN "Needle and Thread" and The Cat's Whiskers, What a hoot! WoooHooo.

Bad News! : I forgot to take pictures of it before I let Sally display them in her shop! I know I am just horrible!


Monday : Had off and Stitched!

Tuesday : Worked at night but wasn't too busy.

Wednesday: Went to work at night but left early to go to church for passover.

Thursdays : Went clothes shopping for work which is khaki's and a white polo. Boring! Then went to work.

Friday : Went grocery shopping and got my nails done then went to work.

Saturday : Went to the new quilt shop that just opened and signed up do a class to teach me and my mom how to quilt. Exciting! then put together Needle and thread and What a hoot!. Then unfortunately went to work.

Sunday : Woke up early and worked out and went to Salty Yarns to stitch with Sally and Sara. Ate a salad for lunch (shhh... I haven't really told myself yet that it was really a hot dog and fries). Then went to work.

Total of people I waited on Thursday thru Sunday : 150! See and now I know why I am crazy and forget things.

Even though I have had a busy week I have managed to make a little progress on my Lauren Sauer's class piece.Anyway...This weekend is the Jane Timmer's Finishing class Part 2! I can't wait, I have everything packed. Yes even my camera and I will take tons of pictures and even of my finishes that I forgot to yesterday.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a Happy Monday!
I am off to try to make my DMC threads organized wish me luck!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Hi Candi! You have been a busy gal! I love your progress on your class piece and come back later and check my blog - I've got a great way to organize your DMC floss that's really cute (you can see how I do it on my blog pics of my craft room). My friend Julie just did this and it's darling. Come back and check later on!

Rachel S said...

You were busy! Your piece is looking great!

marylin & poussy said...

She(It) is magnificent this image the beautiful beginning the beauty queen
Best regards mary