Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is it Monday yet?

This week has been horrendous. I am so glad that it is (almost) over! If I could explain everything that has happened this week it would lake me hours! But i will not stir up the past. :) I will just tell you all, the positives. Which is really only two things:

1) I went to a quilting class on Saturday. I had a blast, it was so relaxing! I think it made my blood pressure go back to normal for a couple of hours. I have a picture of what I have done but it is just some squares. The colors are brown, yellow, and some tans. There is green in the one with the flowers so i might make the border green. I am excited because I have never quilted before or used a sewing machine. I think we are going back to the shop to do some more on Tuesday night.2) I went to Salty Yarns with Crystal and my Mom to stitch with Sally. I worked on Country Cottage series chart 1. By the way, this fabric is light blue!!! I have no idea why it turned out tan in the picture!
I haven't worked on my class piece for a while but I do have a little progress to show.
I am hoping to work on this, this week. But I can't seem to pry my hands from the Country Cottage piece. Unfortunately I have to go because I'm at work. :(

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marylin & poussy said...

I like very much the red embroidery best regards