Monday, February 1, 2010


So yesterday was my day of nothingness and I got caught up in my nothingness and didn't post my snow pictures, so here they are..
(Above) These 2 pictures are from yesterday. Which was the day after the snow day. Yeah our roads still look like that today too. The only reason it didn't stick on the trees was because it was windy.(Above) This is my back deck we could barely get the screen door open. Right after it stopped snowing.(Above) this picture was taken when it was still snowing but I thought the steps were neat looking.
I know that if you are from somewhere it snows a lot you probably think I am crazy for making such a big deal about the snow but it doesn't snow hardly ever here and I absolutely love it!! Now I have to go un-stitch what I stitched yesterday. Im back tracking. :(
Everyone stay warm and dry!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

We usually get quite a bit of snow (this year has been a now snow year) and I still am amazed and excited of the beauty of it all. I don't like it the 2nd day or so but the day it's snows is magical. For a while, everything is quiet, clean and pure. What's not to love? Your pics are wonderful! Sorry you're having to frog.....

Anonymous said...

Love your snow pictures! As Terri said, there is something magical as it is falling!

Robin in Virginia

Deb said...

Love all your snow pictures, but I just can't believe how much you've gotten. We usually get our fair share, but we've probably gotten all of three inches all year!