Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A finish and snow update

I finished Beekeeper's Cottage by Shepherd's Bush!!I also have some picture of the second snow storm. This last storm was weird because we got ALOT of rain before it started snowing then it all froze and the snow piled on top of it.
I love snow and it is supposed to start snowing AGAIN tomorrow!! I know I cant believe it. We have broke records this year!I have some progress on my Jane Timmers class piece but i am almost done so I am going to finish it and then post the pictures. Wish us luck tomorrow it is supposed to snow all day. Im so excited!


Lorilee said...

Beautiful finish, I just love the color of the fabric and the stitching, it all compliments each other so well! Good luck in the snow, we haven't had any in awhile but it is piled up pretty good already!

Deb said...

That's a beautiful finish! I love SB designs. It's good to hear that you like snow considering that you're getting quite a bit of it. I love it too, but we just got our first real snow last night. Kind of crazy weather if you ask me.

Rachel S said...

Pretty finish!

Stay safe in the snow. It's pretty bad up this way. Spring is on its way, though . . . I hope

Karen said...

Love you finish. Wish we had a just a little bit of that snow here in SC...maybe one day!

escargopotte said...

I love it ! is very beautiful !
merci , thanks