Thursday, February 4, 2010

Progress X2

I have some more of my class project done.Here is my progress on Shepherd's Bush Beekeeper Cottage. The picture of the whole piece is very close to the color of fabric. Its over dyed so there is a dark streak through part of it. I really like the fabric.
Supposedly there is a Nor Easter heading this way with snow/sleet/ice/rain coming with it. I have heard so many different stories all of the weather channels say something different. I wish I could get paid for lying like they do. As everyone knows I love snow and hope it snows a lot but if anyone seen the pictures of the past two Nor Easters, you will see that the tides are the worst part of it. So if it snows alot and the tide is covering our road we are going to be in bad shape. Thats not putting in that they are calling for 60 mile an hour winds. But who knows what to believe. But you can believe it when I say that if it is interesting then I will have plenty of pictures to share. Hey... maybe I really can be a weather lady.... Syke, definatly not. But if I can't go anywhere it means that there is more stitching time! Yahhhh!!!
Ohhhh.... Yeah. Rain, snow, sleet, or shine I will be at Salty Yarns on Sunday they are having their big Super Bowl Sale!!! Wippeee! Can't wait, I better borrow Jon's 4 WD truck to get there just in case. :)

Tata for now,


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great progress on your class piece, Candi! I hope the weather cooperates and that you don't get hit too badly. I am feeling a bit left out with all the snow everyone has gotten. We've gotten nary a flake. Boo Hiss For Michigan!

Deb said...

You're really coming along on your class piece. I can't believe all the snow that has hit the east coast this year. We've barely had anything. Perhaps I shouldn't complain, but you've certainly gotten a lot of crazy weather.