Tuesday, March 24, 2009

News...pictures and more pictures

Around where I live there are people teaching that don't have a teaching degree and just have a provisional license. Well I am missing one class that I will have to take in the fall because it is not offered in the summer. BUMMER! So I thought that I wouldn't be able to teach in the fall so I went to the school board. I told them what I thought about teachers teaching that aren't even qualified and that I was more qualified then they were. Well it didn't get me anywhere. They told me that I would be able to long term sub until December when I get my degree and then I would be able to be an actual teacher after that. I guess that is better then nothing right?
Anyway... on a stitching note. I made some progress on the lord's prayer.
It looks like I'm stitching weird because I am working downward but the pattern is separated in pages. So I decided to complete one page at a time. I also forgot to show my progress from my Friday night SAT. I worked on LK Halloween Double flips.

I also lined the inside of Milady's Acorn box! I decided to use card stock to wrap the fabric around because it was a paper mache box. I liked the box it but it is lumpy on the inside and I thought it would make it look a little bit better. Just my opinion. The pictures don't do it justice but pictures never do.

Well tomorrow I am gone all day to class. Be back in a couple days :( Hope everyones week is going well.
Happy Stitching


Cindy F. said...

That doesn't even make sense!! So sorry, but glad you can sub until you get that last class finished! You're soooo close now:)

Your Lord's Prayer is looking amazing! It's going to be so beautiful and you bf's mother is going to love it!

Love the Halloween df!! Too cute!
and that box is too pretty!! Wow!
Good job girl!

Michelle said...

Hi. My Mom is a retired elementary teacher! And at some point in my life, I will probably teach professionally, too. Hooray for teachers!

Your stitching looks awesome!