Saturday, October 7, 2017

Another finish... and an almost finish

Below, there is quite a few pictures. The first picture is a class piece for the upcoming Jamboree at Salty Yarns in OC. It still needs those beautiful buttons, that are in a bag, stitched on. I tend to put off finishing... such as... putting on buttons, putting together, making tassels, and cording etc. It will get done, just probably on Friday before the class on Saturday. The next set of pictures are the Virgin Queen's Stitching Pocket by Willing Hands Needlework. This pattern was so much fun to stitch. I stitched it extremely fast and then... came the finishing. I just procrastinated but I finally finished it this week, I am so proud of myself! One of my previous posts, I posted the companion piece to this one, which is the wallet. I just love how the running back stitch looks and it is fast to do after you get the hang of it! I hope everyone had a great week and enjoying their Saturday!                                          Tata for now, Candi


Stasi said...

Candi---you did an impressive job finishing...well done!
See you at Jamboree!

Mary said...

Such great finishing and lovely stitches. I tend to be a procrastinator but things eventually get done. Have a great time at Jamboree! I co-blog with RJ at stitchingfriendsforever would love to have you stop by for a visit. Mary

Brigitte said...

I'm ike you when it comes to finally finish projects. The last steps seem to be the hardest, lol.
Great alphabet stitching. And this stitching pocket is so adorable..