Sunday, October 18, 2009

Someone bring a boat to save me!

I live on Chincoteague Island, on the eastern shore. If anyone lives close or on the coast they will know that we have had a Northeaster. Well my poor little island has become a victim of bipolar weather. Here are some pictures of my front yard at nine thirty this morning. The bad part is is that these pictures are after the tide went down for a half hour. Now let me explain, there is a road past the grass strip in front of my house!! (1st pic). In the second piture the road is supossed to be in front of the mail box! CRAZY
Here are some more picture at around eleven am around the island. O by the way it was 47 degrees today!

I also finished my Halloween wreath today. I want to put something else on it, maybe some styro foam ghosts.Sorry no stitching pictures, hopefully soon I will have something I can show. :)


Ranae said...

oh no!! That does not look good.
My DH would be fishing from the front door, lol
I hope it goes down fast.
Cute wreath
oh yeah! that SB is a limited box, find it now
You will still beable to get the pattern, but not the box once they
are gone
Good Luck

Robin said...

Man! That looks nasty! and scary. Does that happen often? Hope you were able to stay (relatively) warm and dry. Too bad you weren't able to stitch. I would have been obsessed with looking out the window and checking water levels. I guess it is something you get used to(??).

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

With the water that close I'd not be stitching as per normal. Good luck not getting wet this time and hopefully it will go down soon, and stay low.
Be always in stitches

Michelle said...

That looks terrible. With the water that close, I would be busy packing my stitching in the attic so that it will not be in danger of getting wet. I hope it clears quickly.

Dawn said...

Oh wow. Sorry that you had to deal with nasty weather. Your wreath look wonderful. ~ Dawn ~

Rachel S said...

OMG. I hope that went down really quick. That looks absolutely disheartening.

Tammy said...

OMG!!! I can see why no stitching--girl that is scary! I hope everything dries up soon. Take care!