Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clutter, Unacceptable!

Here is a picture of my craft room table. I know its a disaster. I hate things being messy. Tomorrow my goal is to get some things completed and put in its place.
On this table I have several different piles. One pile is to be put together, one for my secret Santa stuff, one for little gifts to give, and one for future projects that are top of the list. The rest of my future and past projects are neatly filed away. I know you all are saying "Filed!" Yes I have huge binders with my projects that are completed and my future projects.

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Robin said...

Got to laugh. One person's mess is another's OK! I wish my craft desk looked as neat as yours. NOW my desk at work...... I know I have OCD because I pick it up and make it pristine 3 or 4 times a morning.

Pat Speaks said...

You made me laugh! If you want to see clutter - you should see my craft room. I'd love for mine to look like yours!

Shari said...

love the little piles, because if you look in my stitching room, I have little piles too!!! I know what they are, so that is what matters!

Rachel S said...

I wish my craft room was that neat