Sunday, July 5, 2009


July has been crazy already and it is just the beginning! Unfortunately, I offered to help out at a ice cream shop where I live. So I have been working during the day four days a week and at night five days a week. I have been so tired. I have tomorrow off! Im so excited. Hopefully this week won't be as stressful and I will have lots of updates. I did go to Salty Yarns and stitch with my mom and Sally on Friday. I have a progress picture of Shepherd's Bush O Beautiful. But I also have made good progress on Autumn Blessing but don't have a picture yet. I will definantly post it tomorrow though because, I HAVE OFF! Sorry the picture isn't the best.

Will be back tomorrow!


Dawn said...

Oh my! It's beautiful! Congrats on moving along with it. ~ Dawn ~

Lauralness said...

I love seeing your progress on this. Enjoy your day off!

Sadie said...

Very pretty stitching. I just joined the Shepherd's Bush blog and saw you there. Have a great day off.