Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Autumn's Blessings

I promised a progress picture of SB Autumn's Blessing yesterday but I got so caught up stitching and doing absolutely nothing that I forgot all about it so here it is.

I don't have to work tonight until 7 so I'm hoping that I will get some stitching done but it is 2 now and so far I have only done some school work, laundry, dishes, and eating. So hopefully stitching is next. Hope everyone's week is going well.


Lauralness said...

That project is adorable!!

Karen said...

very cute. i like that one

Rachel S said...

That looks great. They are such pretty designs.

Michele said...

Autumn Blessing looks great! congrats ;)

LadyDoc said...

Your stitching looks wonderful!

I love SB designs although there are none currently active- but the stash has a whole pile of them.