Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vacation/ Resolution Update

Hello everyone! I am happy to say that I am leaving for a week vacation tomorrow! My husband and I are leaving from Baltimore on a 7 day cruise to Port Canaveral FL, Nassau, and Free Port Bahamas. Before I leave I want to tell everyone an update about my stitchy pieces. Bellow is Quaker Diamonds. I haven't made much more progress than last time because...
 On New Years Eve I had a dream about this pattern that I had in my craft room. It is called Halloween Night by Shepherds Bush. I felt like my dream was telling me that I should start this pattern. This pattern is special because I have changed it. I usually don't change patterns much because I pick them out because I love them. But this pattern is different because I love Halloween colors and the pattern called for 20 count cappucino. Well I enjoy bright and smaller things so I chose a 30 count weeks purple fabric. (it isn't called purple but for some reason I didn't write it down) Sorry the picture is a little sideways. At first when I started stitching I was worried about the colors. I kept the colors that the pattern called for because they looked good with the fabric. But as I was stitching I just didn't know if I should continue with them. Until.... I put the backstitch in the house, now it just pops off the fabric. After I finish the hill and backstitch the tombstones and the soon to be pumpkins I know the hill will do the same thing.
As you can see, I am very excited about my new start. This will be one of the two things I will work on during my trip. I m not going to work on Quaker Diamonds because that really isn't a travel piece so I think I will work on this and maybe a colored snowman by Shepherds Bush.
Resolution/ Goal update: The back of my Halloween piece looks as good as the front, next time I will post a picture of it, all threads are neatly placed and cut.  Also, I am soon to start a snowman. Well on my way to keeping my resolution.
Have a great week everyone, I will be back next week with beautiful pictures to show and hopefully a lot of progress!
To all my Stitch and Bitch friends: I am sorry I won't be there this month but I will see you at Super Bowl!

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