Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back from vacation!!

Vacation was wonderful! I really wish I was still on vacation because this week has been horrible. I have been so wore out that I have come home and turned into a vegetable everyday this week except for today. I do have my fingers crossed for snow tonight, if I could have a snow day or even a delay I would be a very happy person. I have MLK Day off but if I had tomorrow off it would be like a mini vacation. :)
Anyway... Off to stitchiness. On vacation I worked on Shepherd's Bush, Halloween Night. I could have done more but I am stumped. Where I changed the color of the fabric, the letter colored thread no longer works. Does anyone have any idea about which of these colors you would use for the lettering. I was thinking about the golden yellow of the moon and star. What do you think?

I was going to start Green Snowman but I felt bad because I had so much started so I decided to work on Lizzie Kate, Summer Alphabet.

I will leave everyone with a picture of a beach at Nassau, Bahamas.

Everyone that is getting snow, stay warm and cross your fingers that I get snow here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia!


Karen said...

Since I know we won't be getting snow in SC I will wish for snow for you in VA!

Love the SB on that fabric.... happy stitching!

Courtney said...

what fabric is that SB on? I love it!!

Candi said...

I'm not 100 percent sure but pretty close... I think it is R and R midsummer s night

Candi said...

30 count

ricketyjo said...

I hope you are feeling better and now quite so wiped out now. I love the stitching, did you decide what colour to use yet on the first piece?

Candi said...

Thank you very much!! Yes I decided on the gold like the moon. I am close to finished and I'm on vacation so I am hoping to finish it while I can! :)