Sunday, June 20, 2010


It is the end of June already! I have tons of things to share! Here is some update pictures of some things I am working on.And here is By the bay, Winter's Cove (framed) and Shepherd's Bush Beekeepers Cottage (framed)I also had a class last weekend, Lauren Sauers. I completed the fish and the flower scissor fob (below) The actual bag is still a work in progress.Tata for now, I hope to be back a lot sooner then last time!


Blu said...

Lots of lovely stitching.

Missy aka Birdy said...

I can't believe you such a new stitcher....your stitching is amazing. Love love love the frames for the finished designs.
Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely stitching.


Jennifer Stumpf said...

oh, I love the fish! Can you email me and tell me where I can get the pattern, other than taking a class?