Monday, January 25, 2010

Last 1/2 of Vacation!

(Above) This is a picture from our boat of Mazatlan.
(Above) This is a picture of our boat while it was at Cabo.
(Below) Is the famous arch of Cabo. We took a boat tour to see it. Beautiful.

(Above) We went whale watching at Puerto VAllarta. It was crazy we seen so many! The are very photo shy though.

(Above) I swear it is real. I paid a guy two dollars to let me take a picture with the Donkey and he told me to sit down and he put him in my lap. I was shocked!!

I had a great time! I was happy on vacation but I am very happy to be home. I think three weeks is a little long for a vacation. Now I must go catch up on stitching and reading blogs. Be back soon!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What wonderful pictures. Love the one with the donkey! SO glad you had fun; welcome home!

Jennifer said...

Love all your pic. would love to see Cabo. So many people lately have gone there it seems. My daughters fav band jonas bros. brother Kevin just had his honeymoon there!! your whole trip looked amazing. The donkey is so cute.welcome back and looking forward to seeing your stitching pics soon!