Monday, May 4, 2009


Thank you Cindy for letting me know about my misspelled word on my Serenity Prayer by Erica Michaels. I called the framer first thing this morning and they told me that they had to order the frame so it had just been stretched. They told me that I could come and fix it and they could still have it done for Mother's Day. Shwooo that was a close one!
Anyway I had a great time at the May Retreat. I got a lot of stitching done but more importantly got a lot of shopping done as well. I bought two more Shepherd's Bush samplers, I will post a picture of them when I start them (it might be a while). I also bought this cute Lizie Kate Halloween pattern, If the broom fits.
At the retreat every one had show and tell. Someone had a finish that was absolutely gorgeous by, By The Bay Needleart. The colors just popped off the fabric and I noticed that all of the patterns were like that so I bought "Blossom Hills Sampler" The fabric is not white like the picture it is called waterlily which is a light greenish color.
At the retreat we recieved some gifts, this bag was one of them. This lady had a wonderful Idea.

She decided to use a monogram book and stitch her initials and a little pattern on some fabric and to make it a flat padded finish to put on the bag where the clear circle is hanging on this bag. Is this not a great idea!!!?? That was so creative, so I must do it too :) lol I wish I could give her credit by using her name but I am horrible with names!!!

I also got some stitching done on Snow Ho-Ho. I am working so hard to finish this pattern, I want to start some of my other patterns. :( Pout*

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I also want to give thanks to Sally, Sara, and Mary for a great weekend!


Cindy F. said...

You are most welcome! I'm glad you're going to be able to fix it and have it ready by Mother's Day!!
So happy to hear you had a great time at your retreat too!
Love the L*K chart and the bag! Both are great!
Snow-Ho-Ho is just too darn cute and I love that By the Bay design too! I haven't noticed that one before! Have a great week girl!

Tonya said...

Love the color of the bag! So springy. Whoops glad to hear your little mistake can be fixed! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Pat Speaks said...

The girl who had the idea to put a monagram on the bag - her name was Dawn.