Monday, May 11, 2009

A finish and a New Project

I have completed Snow Ho-Ho by Waxing Moon! I'm going to make him into an easel. I was going to finish him today but I need to get the batting and crescent board. But I will have that tomorrow so Im going to finish him tomorrow.
Yesterday me and my mom went to Salty Yarns and I decided to start one of my Shepherd's Bush patterns, with the help of Sally. I had a hard time choosing which one. Stacy was there and she picked a small piece and Sally chose, O Beautiful by Shepherd's Bush. I think deep down I wanted to start that piece anyway so I didn't argue and started it right away. Here is how much I got done,it is not much but I plan on working on it today.

I'm going to stitch, I hope everyone had a great weekend!


~Judy~ said...

What a beautiful start! I, too, was at Salty Yarns yesterday. Ocean City is my summer home when the school year ends. We start coming down on the weekends usually at the end of March to get the boat ready and clean up the house. I live in Oyster Harbor. My regular home is in Silver Spring. I don't have a cross stitch store near me. So when I go to Salty Yarns I stock up! I could spend hours in there. I had ordered a Blackbird Designs book Thank You Sarah Tobias and went to pick it a few other things.

Cindy F. said...

Congrats on your Snow-Ho-Ho finish! Love him!!
Such a pretty new SB start:)