Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

This weekend was the Second Annual C.A. Wells retreat. Well she doesn't come to the retreat that is the funny part. Last year C.A Wells was supposed to teach a class at Salty Yarns. She had requested that twelve people sign up for the class because she wouldn't come if there were any less. C.A called and was told that twelve were signed up for the class and C.A then said she wouldn't come unless there were 15 in the class. Sally told here that she could find three more people with no problem to take the class and C.A said that it wasn't worth her time to come. So she cancelled last minute. Sally, Salty Yarns shop owner tells the story much better then I do with many details, you can probably find it on her blog shortly. Everyone had scheduled to come to that weekend last year and decided to come to stitch anyway, so Sally has made it an annual retreat where we all come to gather and stitch! Anyway... I took pictures of the great decorations that Sara had put up.

I also finished, pumpkin, on the Lizzie Kate Boo flip its.
And... With much help from my mom, I give you the Lord's Prayer by Big Toe.
I also have pictures from Halloween night, me and my BF dressed up as clowns!! The pictures are on a -need to see- basis. Hopefully I will have them downloaded off my camera tomorrow. ~~Thanks to everyone that has left the wonderful comments on my giveaway post I jsut love them all!
Tata for now... If you haven't entered my bloggy day giveaway, its not to late!


Chiloe said...

That CA Wells forgot what humility is ... I'm glad the shop owner still has her retreat anyway ;-) I loved her sign : very funny!!! You must have lots of fun there.

Can't wait to see the 2 clowns ;-)

Dawn said...

That's shame that CA didn't come. Glad you had retreat anyway. Sara did wonderful job on fixing up. Your projects are beautiful. ~ Dawn ~

Isadarena said...

Your story about CA WElls is really incredible :-( what a pity !!
This Halloween decoration is great and you must have a fine retreat though !
have a great day ,

Laural said...

Congratulations on your finish! It looks great!! Great job on the LK too.

Wow! Nice designer. I'm glad that you have all had fun with it though. The decorations are nice.

Rachel S said...

Your costumes look great.

The decorations at Salty Yarns look fantastic. That sounds like it was a lot of fun.