Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Grand Tour

Lately I have been redecorating my house. In the kitchen I painted it red and tan and have a coffee and late theme.In the dinning room and living room I went with the "pier 1" theme lol. I love the colors. The table, below, will be decorated for each holiday. For Halloween it is going to have a halloween village. My boyfriend just loved the bottles on the table he said that we could be fancy and put alcohol in the bottles and have a mini bar for guest lol. But I told him that if someone would spill something on my thirty dollar table runner I would kill them. :) The door knobs are so cute I love them. I still need to find some things to hang on them

The dinning room and living room are kind of similar but the living room is more modern with chrome accents.

I hope everyone liked the tour of my house!! I have update pictures of Shepherd's Bush, O Beautiful but I think I will put them in another post tomorrow.
Until tomorrow... Tata


Rachel S said...

That looks great. LOVE those doorknobs. What a cool idea!

Dawn said...

Beautiful home. Love the colors. ~ Dawn ~

dixiesamplar said...

Love the colors you have chosen...these are my favorites and are all through my house as well.

Your needlework is beautiful...expecially for a new stitcher. I've been at this stitchin' thing for a loooooong time!

Stop over for a visit sometime...would love to hear from you! Until later...


Michele said...

what fun! love your kitchen colors :)