Monday, June 15, 2009

Slow Poke!!

Last Tuesday we had stitch and bitch. Since my birthday was Thursday Sally brought me gifts!!! I received several things that were teacher related (my classroom is going to be so cute) Jokingly I sighed and said...."Darn, now I actually have to finish school" lol I just keep telling myself..."one class left, one class left." She also gave me some new stitchy things!! She game me Autumn Blessings and The Toy Gatherer by Shepherd's Bush. Oh I just love love love them!! (Thank you Sally!) Now I need to start them!! Uhg I need to stitch faster. Lately school has been kicking my butt so I haven't been able to stitch much. Maybe I will get enough stitched this week to show some progress pictures. Until then.....


Cindy F. said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CANDI!!! I hope it was wonderful! How sweet of Sally to bring you teacher gifts and new stash!
You're going to make a great just hang in there girl:) One more class is AWESOME!!!

Rachel S said...

Happy Birthday.